Our Martial Arts training builds confidence and self esteem. The achievement process of earning belts and degrees earns recognition and respect from peers and not to mention personal achievement and success. It teaches everyone to develop a positive attitude, which can make all the difference in your future. Our Martial Art teaches everyone to become an individual within a group. It is based on respect for yourself and others.

We provide goal setting through belt testing. Children learn this very important principle along with the discipline needed to make their goals a reality.  Goal setting carries over into everyday life at school, home and other personal ambitions. At Brown’s we lead by example to help our students reach their personal goals and experience results in an environment where their dignity and respect towards one another is always present.

Studies indicate that childhood obesity is at an all time high. Proper nutrition and exercise help put you children on the right track for the rest of their lives. At Brown’s we take your child’s health to heart. Our martial arts programs are great for exercising young bodies while building confidence, discipline and respect. The best part of being a student at Brown’s Martial Arts is that it is fun! It is a great fitness regime – combining strength, flexibility, co-ordination and cardiovascular workouts.

All classes are family classes! Parents and Children participate together, making Brown’s Martial Arts the perfect activity in which the entire family can partake.
“Families that Train together Stay together”.


We recite a Student Creed at the beginning of each class. This helps remind our students the principles we try to instil in them through Karate.

As a student of the Martial Arts, I seek to develop true confidence,
Through knowledge of the mind, honesty in the heart and strength in the body,
I will continue to develop self discipline, in order to bring out the best in myself and in others.

Karate isn’t just kicking and punching… it is about Focus, Discipline, Respect, Control, Fitness, Memory, Teamwork, Coordination, Balance and much more!

Karate Program (1 Class Per Week)
$79per month (+hst)
  • (Family discounts available)
  • You may book your first class as late as same day!
  • Come on in Anytime!
Black Belt Schedule
Black Belt Schedule


Monday                        Wednesdays
3 Kali Sticks                 5 Kali Sticks
10 Kali Sticks             12 ????????
17 Kata                        19 Kata
24 Kata                       26 Kata


Monday               Wednesday
1 Self-Defense      3 Self-Defense
8 Self-Defense    10 Self-Defense
15 Kata                  17 Kata
22 Kata                 24 Kata
29 ????????          31 CLOSED