Sensei Jay entered the world of martial arts fairly late in life commencing his black belt journey in February 2006 at the age of 40.  Having always wanted to take up a martial art of some sort from the time he was a kid, a chance meeting with Sensei Geoff while spectating at a little dragon’s class for his nephew, secured his desire to enroll in Karate, and the obsession began.  What started out as an alternate means to participate in a regularly scheduled instructed exercise program soon turned into an incredible passion for the art; a passion that burns more intensely now than ever.  It’s difficult to know exactly what fuel’s one passion for a specific activity, whether it be a sport, hobby or anything else, but one thing is for sure, Sensei Jay’s commitment to Karate, and to his instructors, was an all or nothing proposition.   Each belt colour brought a new sense of accomplishment and continued to develop the passion and utmost desire to be the best that he could be.  Sensei Jay was invited to participate in many of the extracurricular programs offered at the club including an advanced sparring class, and the competitive Dragon Team, both of which increased the intensity of his training.

Absolutely two of the proudest achievements of his life were attaining his 1st Degree Black Belt in June 2010, and then his 2nd Degree Black Belt in June 2013.   The saying goes, “you gotta do it to appreciate it!”.  As a Black Belt, Sensei Jay has had the privilege to share his passion as an instructor, and after a short hiatus for personal reasons, looks forward to resuming this incredibly rewarding opportunity.  And so the journey continues towards 3rd Degree, with great friends, great instruction, in a great facility, all of which create a great environment in which to learn a great art.

Sensei Jay has been an Ottawa resident since the age of 10, and is married to his childhood sweetheart who he also met at the age of 10.  A father of two beautiful daughters aged 18 and 20……good thing he’s a Sensei, he’s gonna need it!