Sensei Kate, a young lady who at the age of 12 in June of 2013, has achieved her black belt. Starting as a Little Dragon, at the age of 5, for about a year and then made the leap into the regular Karate program. “I’m not really sure what I would be doing right now, If I hadn’t ever started Karate.

Outside of the Dojo, sensei Kate enjoys playing recreational sports such as Soccer and Hockey. She enjoys hanging out with her friends at school, hanging at home with her parents and her 4 Fish. Her favorite subjects in school are Math and PhysEd because she enjoys a challenge and playing sports.

Sensei Kate enjoys Travelling with her family in the summer time and is looking forward to march break 2014, as her and her Dad are heading to Hong Kong.

Sensei Kate likes to draw and listening to music. Her favorite singer is Demi Lovato.