Sensei Michael has wanted to be in karate since he was 3. When he earned his green belt on July 2010, he knew he wanted to become a black belt. He won the award “most competitive” in 2011 showing that he is very competitive in his self and takes his tasks very seriously.
Michael showed his karate knowledge at the end of the school year in 2010 where he did a jaw dropping performance with his Bo to the song shoot to thrill by ACDC.

Sensei Michael made the move to Browns Martial arts on December 2012 where he begun his testing for his first degree black belt. Sensei Michael was tested for what he has waited for almost half of his life, completing the tests in June 2013 earning him wish first of many dreams “His first degree black belt.”

Sensei Michael is learning to put his knowledge together so that someday soon he can become an instructor in karate, and hopefully become a councillor in the March break or summer camps. Sensei Michael may only be 9 years old but look for him in the Dojo always trying to be a polite and proper role model for the other students or guest at Browns Martial Arts.
When Sensei Michael is not doing Karate he is listening to classic rock, or watching hockey Go Sens Go! He loves to ride his bike and walk his dog around the streets of Kanata. Michael loves to build Lego and play video games.