Sensei Selina began her karate career in the august of 1997. Instantly intrigued by the discipline and structure of karate, Sensei Selina would spend all the time she could at the club training. She got her black belt in September of 2000, giving her a confidence boost knowing that she was now part of an elite group of people in the world with a black belt in the martial arts.

Sensei Selina began competing at the level of yellow belt, and was very successful, placing in the top 2 in every tournament she went to it seemed. This was a good indicator for when she achieved the level of black belt, that she should test her metal at the world level.

Her first time trying out for the world championships in 2000, which were being held in Austria, she was unsuccessful in qualifying for the Canadian national team. However, she never lost hope. She trained even harder and went back the next year and the next year and the next year coming away with 6 gold medals, traveling to Italy, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany and Orlando, Florida.

Sensei Selina still enjoys the art of Karate today, and although she has retired from competing, she is never reluctant to pass her knowledge and experience onto upcoming champions.