Sensei Shari is originally from southern Ontario, but moved to Ottawa in 1991. She relocated to the Ottawa area to begin her new job at Kanata Hydro and is now the CAD/GIS QA Specialist for Hydro Ottawa.

Sensei Shari has been heavily involved in sports since she was a kid. Baseball, Fishing, Volleyball, Football and running are just some of her favorites however she did not begin her journey into Karate until the age of 38. The original intent was to get her son Wyatt involved in martial arts but after watching him in a few classes, the draw was too great to deny. Cardio Kickboxing classes throughout the years certainly sparked Sensei Shari’s interest but once she was really able to develop her Karate skills, she was hooked! Her achievement of black belt occurred in 2013 and was one of her proudest moments. The fact that her and her son Sensei Wyatt were able to share this achievement together was truly priceless.

Sensei Shari believes in putting 100% into everything she does! Whether it’s conditioning, continuous, Kata or Kali sticks, Sensei Shari’s desire for herself and everyone around her to be their best is undeniable!